Who is VinFast & What Should We Expect in Canada?

When the VF 8 will arrive on our market, it’ll be powered by an 82 kWh (usable) battery, with range varying between 460 km for an Eco and 510 km for a Plus as per WLTP protocols. In 2023, a second battery “Variant” will be added to the lineup, with range varying between 447 and 471 km, lexatrade review says VinFast. Just over a year ago, nobody here in Canada even knew who VinFast was. AUTOBEST is one of the most prestigious automotive jury associations in the world, which awards Best Buy Car Awards in Europe every year. Announcement of VinFast’s all-electric strategy by 2023.

  1. And what should we expect from the brand in the years to come?
  2. It utilizes a larger, 92 kWh (usable) battery which also powers two motors, for standard all-wheel drive.
  3. The locations of these facilities will primarily be in Quebec, B.C.
  4. VinFast’s new cars become the best-sellers in all three segments in Vietnam.
  5. But the reviews we’ve read have been perhaps the most brutal we’ve seen for a modern car.

Thanks to a wildly fluctuating stock price, you may have seen the name VinFast in the news lately. In case you wondered just what it is — and whether Dom Toretto is involved — here’s everything you need to know. Fleetingly the world’s third-most valuable automaker, Vietnam’s new EV manufacturer Kraken Review is coming to America. It operates in things like the scooter business, buses, medical clinics, tourism, real estate and even education. The company is currently evaluated at $3 billion in the US stock market. To provide you with the best pricing experience, please select your nearest province.

Two new electric SUVs lead the way

The VF 9 Plus Variant 1 is rated at 423 km, while the Variant 2 gets 580 km, again, according to WLTP protocols. 5) Vehicle may show optional accessories that are not included in base vehicle and that are subject to availability. By signing up you agree to receive email from VinFast Canada containing news, updates and promotions. More information related to our Privacy Policy is available here. VinFast EVs are built with premium craftsmanship and the highest quality parts designed for safety, reliability, and comfort on every journey.

VinFast VF 8 – mid-size SUV

VinFast has previously said battery leasing will help to keep its vehicles affordable and give more customers access to the luxury experience of a larger electric car with high-end finishes. VinFast broke ground on its North Carolina plant to build EVs in America. Per the website, the company has opened up 13 showrooms — all in California. VinFast says it has shipped 3,000 vehicles to North America.

The VF 8 Plus sells for $58,350 with the Variant 1 and $59,750 with the Variant 2. Customers must then lease their battery through a subscription plan that is either fixed or variable. Whether you’re looking for a full size family haulerto a compact urban crawler. VinFast offers a wide range of options for all Canadians. Both models come with 11 airbags and several driver assistance technologies, such as virtual assistant, traffic jam assist, highway assist, automatic lane changing assist, parking assistance and remote parking. We believe a sustainable future is only possible when everyone can enjoy access to smart, safe, and environmentally friendly EVs.

They will all be SUVs that’ll range from sub compact to midsize. One of them, the VF 7, even looks like a lifted station wagon. We’ll tell you more about these upcoming VinFast models once the carmaker releases more information on them. The VF 9 is scheduled to hit the Canadian market late 2022, also as a 2023 model. It’s a much larger SUV than the VF 8, sitting more in a midsize to full-size space, with seating up to seven passengers. Details on this model are still somewhat scarce, but VinFast did release a few specifications.

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Initial plans called for Tesla-like direct-to-consumer sales, but VinFast is open to working with dealerships. The VF 8 and VF 9 are two of five all-electric vehicles the automaker is bringing to Canada over the next few years. The first car on sale is the VF8, a midsize, five-seater crossover. An early VF8 city edition achieved around 200 miles of range with less sophisticated battery tech.

This award recognizes VinFast’s unwavering commitment to the highest class of safety ratings for its new range of electric vehicles over the next two years. This includes committing to achieve five stars from the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) in the USA, 5-star Euro NCAP in Europe. Significantly, these prices don’t include the cost of the vehicle battery. Instead, a Vinfast customer will lease their vehicle’s battery for an as-yet undisclosed monthly fee.

VinFast Canada says it has received over 300 reservations for the VF 8 and VF 9 combined and that deliveries will begin in late 2022. According to an SEC filing, his Vingroup controls 1.2 billion shares in VinFast, more than 50 percent of outstanding shares. Two of his private investment companies, Vietnamese Investment Group and Asian Star, own an additional 1.1 billion shares. Combined, the entities own about 99.7 percent of the company. As for range, a VF 9 Eco with the Variant 1 battery will cover up to 438 km on a single charge and 594 km with the Variant 2 battery.

Newcomer Vietnamese automaker VinFast has released the pricing for the first two of its SUV models coming to Canada, with the VF 8 (formerly e35) starting at $51,250 and the VF 9 (formerly e36) at $69,750. However, VinFast does not appear to be selling many vehicles so far. The company recently revealed that 7,100 of its 11,300 global sales td ameritrade forex review in the first half of 2023 were to Green and Smart Mobility, a Vietnamese taxi firm controlled by Vingroup. VinFast stock surged to a value of $82.35 on August 28th. This pushed its market cap higher than every automaker globally except Tesla and Toyota. It has since plummeted below $20, about where it was before the rally started.

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